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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 3, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! shielding his eyes injuries waits for it. >> we have been surprising everybody all year so why not keep on doing it? >> the little team that could. the oakland a's sweep the texas rangers to win the al west championship. it is being called a magical
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season. and for the throngs of a's fans the magic has just begun. the highlights coming up here. first developing news out of san jose. a man shot by san mateo sheriff's deputies forcing cal tran to shut down some trains during the investigation. happened at 5:30 near autumn and jullian streets. officers received calls about someone lying on the tracks. that person was uncooperative. there was a foot chase and at some point shots were fired. the victim is expected to is survive. trains are back in service at this point. we will have a live report at 11:00. a woman hiking in menlo park fell over 40 feet down a ravine. the fire department used an aerial ladder truck that drops ropes and pulleys down into a ravine and pulls up the safety basket. governor romney's proposal that he has been promoting for 18 months calls for a $5 trillion tax cut flip' not lookior
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$5rillion tax cut. i said i won't p in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> the other big story tonight the great debate. president obama and governor romney fight over taxes and the economy. good evening. i'm dan ashley. let's get the latest on this tonight from abc 7 news political reporter mark matthews. it was an interesting exchange. >> it was clear right from the start that mitt mitt romney sae debate as a chance to shake up the race and came out aggressive and prepared and put the president on the defensive for much of the 90 minutes. >> president obama and mitt romney went head to head. the candidates boiled down their economic arguments. >> governor romney has a perspective that says if we cut taxes skewed towards the wealthy and roll back regulations that we will be better off. i have got a different view. >> the president has a view very similar to the view he d when ran four years guy. if you will, trickle down
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government would work. that is not the right answer for america. >> romney's comments about the 47% have take and toll on his campaign even before the leaked video polls showed that americans thought he favored the wealthy over the middle class. tonight he clearly wanted to try and change that perception. >> the people having a hard time right now are middle income americans. under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they are beg crusd. i ll not und a circstances ise tas on middle iome filie >> rorr: the president said his rival doesn't have the right solutions and romney cannot keep hisg taxes and not add together deficit without hurting the middle class. >> now, he is saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> reporter: the debate later turned to the president's healthcare are law which romney says he will get rid of if elected. >> if cuts $716 billion from medicare to pay for it. i want to put that money back in medire.
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it hasilled jobs. >> reporter: the prident tried to bring it back to romney's own healthcare law which he says is quite similar. >> governor romney worked with democrats in the state to set up what is essentially the identical model. it hasn't destroyed jobs. >> reporter: how do voters feel from tonight's debat we will hear fromthem cing up at 110 ov onhannel dan? >> mark matthe reporting. there is no debate over who wins the al west. the call from 95.7 radio during the came as the a's knock off the texas rangers. >> the pitch to michael young swung on a fly ball center field. that is going to do it. drifting back. he is there and he has got it and the a's have won the west! >> it was a great moment at the coliseum today. and abc 7 sports director larry
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beil is here witheallyjust a fun moment, larry. >> it is amazing. i mean this kind of stuff doesn't happen that often. an a's team that trailed, texas, by 13 games at the end of june. no team in history ever came back to win a division when they were down five games with only 9 to play. 36,000 plus ready to do this. but the a's had to dig themselves out of a deep hole. texas had a 5-1 lead in the third. a huge rally in the fourth. tied at 5, two outs. the play that will helicopter the rangers have. somehow josh hamilton just flat out dropped it. two runs scored. a's take the lead. a 6 run inning for oakland. griffin gave way to the bullpen. jerry blevin strikes out hamilton. doolittle with heat for hamilton. bottom 8th after a solo homer for norris. bases loaded for brandon moss and he would unload them. look at the fans.
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up 12-5 in the ninth. grant belfour and his fans. a 1-2-3 inning as he flies out to cocoa crisp to end it. the a's the 2012 al west division champions. 12-5 the final score as ty mob each other in the middle of the field. mike shumann was all over the place to get the post game rehe action. >> we had some guys here that contributed this year. i don't even know what to say. it was very self-less attitude. no one cares about their numbers. all they cared about was winning. >> no word a speechlessoment. we we able to accomplis something that was just simply amazing. >> wahooo! >> people want to point to intangibles and not recognize that there are some good baseball player there's and there is no such thing as being lucky for 160 games. i like to think it is a talented group of players. >> can you describe the feeling? >> no, you can't.
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this is what you work for your whole life even when you are a kid. not that you are working when you are a kid but what you are dreaming. and here we are. i can't put it into words. >> and nobody would have called this early in the season. even this summer. >> we were supposed to lose 100 games, remember? got to play the games. got to play all 162. you don't play them on pape. here you are. >> believe it now. we have been surprising everybody all year so why not keep on doing it. >> got down early. a six run rally and this is what the team has done all seas. >> we are not going tive up just becausee are down early. we will kep grinding to the 27th out. no game was bigger than this that we had to come back in. >> mike shumann reporting. youaw the a's general manager there.
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he has gone through the ason unathed in the celebrating. theie in the face treatme has becomehe a's trademark. that ended today courtesy of josh. >> everyone thought that was sort of is road trip that was going to -- [ laughter ] >> have some, billy! now, let's see them try that with owner lou wolf. i'm not sure they want to go that far. this sums up this team. play hard, have fun. it produces a division title on the final day of the season. after two champagne celebrations in 48 hours the a's have a few days off and they will face the tigers in the division series and that series will start saturday in detroit. >> great stuff. this is the team with the lowest or one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. >> the lowest payroll in baseball. some where in the neighborhood of $50 million to $55 million. the rangers $120 million. they were in first place since early april and got caught at the wire on the last day of the season.
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and the giants are in. great on both sides of the bay. >> excellent. see you later on. as wcontinue onhis team the a's unbelievable sson ceainlnot lost on the fans. laura anth was at t coliseum where a raucus sellout crowd took all of this in. >> reporter: from the opening pitch a's fans put their heart and soul into their team's fate and rode the bad times with the good. >> we're season ticket holders! >> oh, my god! yes! >> think this is awesome! i have been a season ticket holder for 20 years and waiting for the a's to get back to the championship and we will do it this year. >> it's fantastic. unbelievable. you know, it is just -- been coming for 20 years and this is so great. >> reporter: at the end of the game here it started to dawn on the 36,000 fans that the dream season could end with the unbelievable. >> i neeto pick my kids up at
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school b i will stick around. they can wait. >> earlier, e mayor told us she had a good feeling about this team. >> people were saying are you going to make the wildcard and i said no, my family opinion was that we were going to go for the pennant. >> unbelievable. >> and that is exactly what they could be going for now thathe miracle a's are headed to the division series. >> do you think there suld be another movie? >> this is season qualifies for move making. >> reporter: today the coliseum packed. 36,000 plus. some of the people say you will be back? in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. well, it was a fun day. we'll have more on the a's a little later on when larry comes back waterfall the sports. move on to other news. despite a tough economy the bay area is in fact booming. how a san francisco theater
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company is banking on a rise in customers as it it expands into a new theater. plus, new concern about what facebook does with your information. why privacy advocates say facebook may be selling out its users. also, a family pet targeted by thieves. the plea and the pledge made by the family inthe hope that they will see little mico, once
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the family of an 18-year-old killed by oakland police is still looking for answers is into what happened the day that he was shot. police say that allen blueford pointed a gun at the officer and now have released a portion of the police report. here is abc 7 news reporter nick smith. >> we are just trying to get answers and we said and said and said and we haven't been able to get any answers. at every turn we have been shut down. >> reporter: the family continues to demand answers related to the death of their son. last night's city council meeting filled once again with family and supporter who accuse police and city leaders of dragging their feet and releasing details on the may 6th shooting and worse concealing key elements of the investigation. >> unfortunately, it takes time. >> reporter: city council member larry reed said the family deserves to know the
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truth and so does the public. >> people want answers then theyshouldlet te pross run it crse. it is iumbe upoallf the paies to make sure we provide them with the answers. >> the okafor police chief claims he is doing hess best to provide the answers. he released a report last night on the investigation. he says the report will not answer all questions but will provide independently corroborated facts. >> one that should have and could have been given months ago. >> oakland attorney john burris is representing the family in the wrongful death suit against the it city and says the police report provides some basic information but also raises more questions than it answers. >> a number of witnesses did not see the young man point a gun at the officers. a number of them do not even see a gun. >> reporter: burris admits the report states there are those that did see a gun on bluford but that is in direct
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contradiction to other witnesses that said bluford never fired a weapon. >> i'm trying to help them understand the circumstances surrounding their son's death. >> reporter: all this comes as opd is under federal scrutiny for ignoring court ordered reforms after the police abuse settlement ten years ago. to see the full report on the bluford case g to in okland, nicsittg, abc 7 ne. > a mirialas been deared in e feralrial of a formersan francisco crime latechnician accused of stealing drug evidence. she could face a possible retrial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict. jurors agreed that she took cocaine from the lab which she admitted to police but disagreed on whether prosecutors proved she did it by deception. well, the pressure to make money may be mounting at fabook. as of today, members can pay $7
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to make friends more likely to see their personal posts. this is the abc 7 news facebook page. facebook says the service cuts through some of the clutter putting your posts higher in the timeline so friends are more likely to notice it. and that is not all. there are reports tonithat facebook is allowing advertisers to targe users based on detailed personal information. abc 7 news reporter with more now on the new privacy issue facing facebook. >> reporter: the company that convinced its users to share nearly everything about themselves and their personal lives online is reportedly now exploring new mo invasive ways a tappin int its most lucrate ace setits nearly 900 milli users. >> the commment that we made is that we will execute this mission of making the world more open and connected. >> reporter: the "wall street journal" reports that facebook is opening those connections to marketers allowing them to target ads based on the e-mail
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addresses and phone numbers users post on profiles, even displaying ads based on what use ires search for on other websites. a service google and yahoo have offered marketers for years but one ma zuckerberg has bliclyhied away from >> facebook is is keeping tabs on what you are cog on the web. ultimately facebook is a business. they make more money if they sell more advertising. >> analysts say the move comes as zuckerberg faces increasing pressure from sharehold holders. especially after the disasterrous ipo. since the stock started selling in may it it has lost nearly half of its predebut value. >> he isn't an advertising guy. he is reluctant to make facebook a place where advertisers thrive and users don't butt a certainoint
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this i thedelica bance thatfacebook has to jgle. let's ge the full cuweather forecast. spencer christian here. a few days of pretty intense heat and seems to be abating. >> looked like it would start off that way this morning. warmed up early but the fog surged up the coastline and cooled us down. looking at the oracle party over attires island. looks like a full carnival over there. pearl jam is jamming. a great night for a party i guess indoors or outdoors. go to live doppler 7 hd. a look at fog which has returned to the coastline with the cool influence. temperatures began to drop sharply and that pattern continues as the fog pushes beyond the coast and over the bay and towards the inland area. 59 degrees in san francisco. 63 san rafael. is 60s most other locations. check out the 24 hour temperature change at this hour last night it was 18 degrees warmer. right now it is 18 degrees cooler in san francisco than it
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was that the hour last night. 18 degrees cooler in fremont. 22 degrees cooler at this hour than last night in oakland and 27 degrees cooler in san rafael which had a reading of 90 degrees at this time last night. cooler pattern continues into next week and a slight chance of showers monday morning next week. overnight tonight starting the forecast animation at 11:00. the fog continuing its inland push. cooler in all areas overnight and during the day tomorrow. overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 50s tomorrow morning in the early hours of the morning. let's pick up the forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning. continue to see the cooling, the temperatures drop day by day a few more degrees and this upper level low is approaching way off shore.fensive at the it will be right over us monday morning producing a good chance of some showers in the early morning hours on monday. not only the cling but early autumn showers possibly coming our way. tomorrow, no showers.
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lots of sunshine. mi but not ve warm in the south bay look for highs in the mid to upper 70s. 77 san jose and cupertino. 70 san mateo. 72 redwood city. 59 pacifica. and 62 at half moon bay. school on the coast. downtown san francisco, 63 tomorrow. 59 in the is sunset district. up in the north bay highs in the 70s. 72 sonoma. 75 calistoga. 80s at ukiah and clear lake. 70 san leandro. 71 newark. 72 castro valley. the inland east bay mild. highs mid up toker 70s. might see 80 at brenood. moereyay highin t 60s near theay d0snland. reca.eath sev-day coolincontues throh th weekend and into early next week. by monday inland highs only in the low to mid 70s. upper 60s around the bay and
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upper 50s on the coast. and the weather for the weekend for all of the weekend activities, fleet week and all those other activities, the yacht races will be fine. you could be he a big winner when abc 7 gives away $49,000. go to our facebook page at 7 news. click on the win $49,000 button. that will take you to this page where you can fill out the entry form and we will announce the big winner october 18 right here after the 49ers game on abc 7 a big night. >> it is a big night. >> i keep clicking on that. i'm not eligible. >> nor am i. i hope to know someone who wins. >> a new football stadium is going to be built in los angeles. why investors are not worried about luring in one nfl team, maybe even two. a troupe of actors in san francisco expanding to a bigger stage and theater. bigger st[ laughter ]ter. [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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theater company that started in a star front is starting its 10th anniversar with a bdmove. san ansco playhoe is ving to bigger theater an openg wi a controversial musical next week. don sanchez has the preview. ♪ >> reporter: rehearsal of bloody bloody andrew jackson remembering the 7th president as a rock star performing as construction goes on around them. >> we built the stage out over the first six rows so they are still under there. >> they are creating an intimate space with 200 seats, double what they had for the first ten years of sf playhouse on center street. >> when we started basically standing in union scare he
9:27 pm
would stand there every day handing out flyers and some of our subscribers are still here from those days. >> because they do shows that have a special connection to the audience. >> the way i like to define it is we make traditional theater edgy and make edgy theater accessible. >> we look for plays that drag the audience into an empathic connection with the character. e show last yr we turne ov a ousandatro r th n ofhe show s we e bursti at the sales. >> reporter: time to move and this place is a perfect fit. now, the san francisco playhouse. they move here with great anticipation. >> here is an insider tip. the rivets on t set are vanillwafer cookies and they started the rising star program which gives students a chance to learn about plays and see them. right now you feel an edge here. >> the stakes are high for us to put on a good show and
9:28 pm
entertain people. >> reporter: changing times for a company once called fran's best kept secret. >> there is our time to say we are not a secret any more are. >> reporter: in san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. not a secret. something else not a secret. the highlights of the a's winning the al west coming up. we'll have more of that. plus, a family begs a burglar to return their about puppy. what they are offering in the hope that they will see little mico, once again. an investment firm drops $1 billion to build a new football stadium in l.a. y they are tlling teity t to woy about the invement evethoughhe fi is beingshopped arod. and pice storm ashton kuher's home. what ledo the detainment of three
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a san jose family hit twice by burglars is fighting to get back something that is priceless. thieves took mico, he is just a puy. is drawing attention cut in the san jospoli dertment. as kara rusk explains the young owner is now digging into her piggy bank to put up a reward. >> marie showed us where the burglars broke into her home on monday. the thieves shattered a double pane sliding glass door and stole thousands of dollars in electronics but also took something much more valuable. the family's new puppy. a five month old shih tzu yorkie mix. >> they don't realize how much emotions is tied to this. this is not just a dug. it is my daughter's heart. >> she brought the puppy home
9:33 pm
as a surprise after her two daughters made the honor rll in school. they already taught mico how to sit and roll over. the callous thieves have her worried sick. >> i want to know if he is okay or not and hurt or not. that the' it. >> reporter: two council members joined the family to not only denounce the crime but also recent decisions at city hall. ash and nancy say the mayor and council majority fiscal policies have gutted the police department and opened the door for brazen burglaries to skyrocket. >> word it out on the street and they know it that we don't have enough officers to patrol the streets and we d't have tectives. >> rorter:he police and fire unions kicked in a $5,000 reward for mico's safe return. the reward was brought up to $6,000 but it is the coins in marissa's piggy bank and emotions in her heart which may play the biggest role in bringing mico home. >> if they turned him in to me
9:34 pm
it would mean the world to me. >> tough thinking about hi not being inour arms huh? >>eporter: heartft plea from a 10-year-old. mico does have a microchain and the family is hoping that if someone has unknowingly purchased their stolen puppy they will come forward. in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. let's hope so. another twist in the gender discrimination case at silicon valley's top venture capital firm. the firm says pao is still an employee but she is being asked to transition out of the company. pao sued the company claiming she was the victim of gender bias and retaliation. people who want a new profootball stadium in los angeles may have gotten their wis thcity took aajor step forward toure an nfleam back to the nation's second
9:35 pm
most popolous city. >> another step to bringing the nfl back to los angeles. city leaders sign off on the agreement to build farmer's field. >> with the signing of this agreement we celebrate what we can accomplish when the entire city comes together. with private partners to transform l.a. >> reporter: the stadium will be built on the site of the los angeles convention center's west hall right next to the staple's center and l.a. live. it will cost more than a billion dollars and aeg insists monitor of that money will come from the taayer. >> youan spin ts any way u want a talk abt is y wayou want. here ithe alit o ts projt. is igoing get done witht th taxpayers ultimately having to put in one dollar and the taxpayers will not be at risk no matter how people want to spin it the taxpayers are not going to be at risk here. >> reporter: the project is expected to create thousands of much-needed construction jobs.
9:36 pm
>> i look forward to the future. the future is bright, brighter than ever before and thank you all for hanging in, this believing, participating and now let's move forward. >> reporter: there are two question marks. the anners aeg recently announced he wants to sell the company. there is also no word on what nfl team would be playing at the stadium. though officials hint they could end up with more than one. >> i believe we are not just going to have an opportunity to get one team but i think the mayor is right we will have an opportunity to get two teams. we will get a team. we will get that last point. >> reporter: as for who would buy aeg, the guggenheim partners has indicated an interest in the company. aeg says they are set to go and so is the city, both convinced if they build the stadium the teams and the owner will come. >> that was john gregory reporting. nfl teams will not be able to publicly commit to the project until after the current season.
9:37 pm
if that does happen officials could break ground in march of next year. a national aviation hero from the bay area is helping kick off this year's fleet week celebration in san francisco. u.s. airways captain sully sullenrger touching down after a ride with the blue angels. in 2009 he safely landed a damaged jet in new york's hudson river. he was delighted with the opportunity to meet the blue angels today and fly with them. what a rush that must have been. of course, the blew angels are not the only military might you will see this weekend. heather ishimaru with a look tonight at impressive military hardware which arrived today. >> reporter: this amphibious navy craft came slashing into san francisco's ocean beach from a carrier 8 miles out. it was carrying heavy equipment that could help san francisco
9:38 pm
recover after a natural disaster or terror attack. >> this is an incredible example of the kind of activities that may have to happen and the more we practice it the more we will be ready for it. >> reporter: it was a joint army navy drill and an opportunity to remind san franciscoians that they do humanitarian mixes along with military. >> what you see here today onboard this craft is just a single demonstration but certainly the craft can replenish itsself back to the ship numerous times. >> reporter: arriving by sea and by air the marines landed two helicopters in the sleepy outer sunset at lake merced and there picked up civilian medical professionals to acquaint them with what the military can do if called upon to help. the pilot is enjoying this mission of show and tell. >> it is great to come up here and show the locals and the citizens just what we do and what we are capable of.
9:39 pm
>> reporter:he helicoprs took the civilian medical passengers to fette dil field. the air and national guard pararescue unit. >> when we do water missions out at sea we push the boat out in front of us and follow it with parachutes. we inflate the boat and have a means to move around. >> reporter: fleet week continues throughout the weekend. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. that is impressive. the man who famously punked celebrities got punkedded himself today. a hoax caused police to respond to the hollywood hills home of ashton kutcher. the fake 911 caller cimed th a home invasion with gun fire was unfolding. kutcher was not home at the time. he later tweeted a picture of himself saying he was safe and sound. police are still looking for the woman who made the phoney call. pain killers from a
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citank account. ni job ben. [ male announc ] next u-- th gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. a major pharmaceutical company stopped shipping its generic version of a popular and the tie depressant. the tiva copy cat version of wellbutrin. a government analysis finds the 300 miller grams does not work as well as the brand name drug. the study finds the pill fails to release it into the blood at the same rate and to the same extent as wellbutrin xl 300-milligram version.
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it is interesting to note here that this iss not the case with budebrion 15-milligram -- 150-milligram version. what may be the future of pain killers. the black mamba snake is one of the deadliest on the planet. one bite could kill you in 20 minutes. the venom holds a compound that could rival morphine and does not have the side effect of respiratory issues. the southeastern has only been done on ce. further rsearch underway. one more anima to talk about in, squirrels may have something to teach us out managing our money. researchers are following scales around. they say they he don't just mindlessly forage for food. they are engaging in a long-term strategy padding nest eggs and diversifying. researchers say we could learn from that behavior and liken them to bankers depositing
9:45 pm
money, spreading it out into different funds and then managing those funds. never think of a square quite the same way again. the oakland a's winners of the al. much more to see from the
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students at james logan high school in union city will be able to use the school library this year after a. an anonyusonorcontacted the school after finding out that the library doors were closing because of budget cuts. the donor sent $60,000 to hire an english teacher. the librarian will return to
9:49 pm
the library as soon as an english teacher is hired. we is replacement weather now replacing the hot weather. tomorrow statewide a mild and comfortable day. 91 fresno. 82 sacramento. 77 los angeles. 100 in the desert at palm springs. a pleasant day with fog at the coast. sunny skies inland. high temperatures from upper 50s to low 60s at the coast to 60s to low 70s around the bay and upper 70s inland. no 90s or 100s tomorrow. here is the day planner for tomorrow. a lot going on over the bay and waterfront tomorrow. the blue angels flying maneuvers tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. partly sunny at that hour after a cloudy start in the morning. in the afternoon folks start gathering 4:00 or so for the america's cup races which begin just after 5:00 p.m. are at that time partly sunny as well. as weigert into the early evening hours, chilly and clouer. we ppared r tt.
9:50 pm
bund up if yre going o. the seveday recast. mperures ctinudropping througthe weend. pleasantly coolbut cool nonetheless. on monday morning a slight chance of showers early in the morning during the rush hour hours. bear that in mind. give yourself a little extra time to get to work if you are driving on monday morning. >> i will be driving to the periodontist. >> i think i would rather be in traffic. >> and the rain. >> larry beil to talk more about what we talked about at the top for the a's. >> you don't mind if i show more champagne and partying. >> i don't mind. >> winning the west in game number 162.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, millions of people watched the debate tonight. perhaps you did. we will take you to two local watch parties where we found different opinions about who won. and jet blew makes an offer for people who may not be happy
9:54 pm
about the outcome of the election. larry is here. money ball works. or at least it is working now. >> yeah, the second time around actually. champagne on monday. champagne on wednesday. kind of like spencer's schedule actually. getting to be normal for the oakland a's, though. we showed you the a's winning the west earlier. go back 24 hours when closer grant belfour said there was no doubt in his mind about what was going to happen in game 162. >> i don't know about anybody else, as long as we believe and we know we can get it done we will do it. i honestly believe we will win tomorrow yes. >> was right. you could feel the energy at e coliseum, elecic. e rangs jumdut to the earl lead. texas ilt a 5-1 cushion. not fourth. crisp doubles down the right field line. game tied at five. the stunner. two outs judds b should be thef
9:55 pm
the inning. i got it. i got it. i ain't got it. cocoa kri is sp scores. i lost it in the sun. six run inning for the a's. grfin giving way to the bullpen. jerry blevins faced hamilton. ryan cook two strikeouts in the 7th to get out of a jam. shawn doolittle to hamilton. you will get nothing and like it. after a solo homer from norris, bases loaded for brandon moss who promptly unloads them. look at the long faces in the texas dugout. a's up 12-5. the fans going bananas in the ninth. belfour a 1-2-3 nine. that is your ballgame. the a's the 2012 al west division champions. 12-5 the final score. here is a champagne covered mike shumann with the winners. >> an amazing filling. i'm grateful. these guys worked hard. they didn't give up.
9:56 pm
we have a team. that is exactly what we are. are no other word. >> the guys played awesome. what a comeback win. that is all we have done all year. come back and how else do we do it it today? come back from behind to win again. >> i'm numbeum rht n to tell you the trh. just want to soak it up and watch these guys celebrate. this group played harder than anybody i have seen over the course of 162. >> they are busting the champagne budget in oakland. meanwhile in the other clubhouse the rangers were stunned. they had been in first place since april 9 only to get caught and passed on the final day of the season. >> they outplayed us. played better than we did. you know, just hands dn. they did everything that they needed to do to win ballgames. and didn't give up whenthey were down. >> now the loss drops the rangers back intoa one-game
9:57 pm
wildcard plaff on friday with the baltimore orioles. the only good news for texas at this point is that game will be in arlington. the orioles needed a win over the rays and a loss from new york to create a one game playoff for the yankees with the al east title. this is kind of confusing. nothing confusing about what you are seeing right here. they beat baltimore so with the loss the orioles hand the yankees the division titles. the bronx bombers win over their rivals who are going to fire their manager at any moment now. the yankees wl now wait on the winner of friday's wildcard game between baltimore and texas. ba to the a's for a second because their series is best of five. the first two games will be in detroit. then back to oakland for the final three games which would be here next tuesday, wednesday and thursday if necessary. game one saturday in motown,
9:58 pm
3:00 p.m. pacific time comerica park. that means the a's have to deal wit24 g, migl caera. toght came the first y sinc1967o n the iple crown. le the league in homs, runs batted in and batting average. hitting .330. the last triple crown winner karl yastrzemski,yas, 35 years ago. buster posey won the national league batting title tonight and finished at .336. becoming the first catcher to win the nl batting crown since ernie lombardi in 1942! 70 years. that is a long time. buster 0 for 2 tonight. ed rbi groundout in the fourth. bruce pulled him out. clayton kershaw up the middle. tied the game.
9:59 pm
he did pitch better which is good with the playoffs coming in the 8th. alex casta lan yeses for a 3-1 l.a. lead and riva goes dee to makthe fil 5-1 dodgers. the giants like the a's going to the playoffs and finished the regular season at 94 and 68. the giants will meet the cincinnati reds and their manager dusty baker the former giant. best of five. first two games at at&t park. game one saturday night a 6:30. history made tonight in washington. on the day the nationals wrapped up the best with 68 wins, teddy roosevelt. he rolls to victory and speaks softly and carry a big stick, teddy. >> a nice fast pair of sneakers too,. >> that helps finally. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. for larry beil and spencer christian i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time and we


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